Krissy's Hideaway

Welcome To Krissy’s Friends & Fetish

Silhoulette of KrissyKrissy is proud and very honored that these confident women have decided to share a little piece of themselves with her—and now You, too! On these pages you will be able to meet and learn from each of them.

Those of you familiar with me and my site already know about Lady Jennifer Anderson, the designer of the Exobelt Chastity. You may know about Her own websites, as well, or noticed Her banners here. Lady Jenny has designed an entire system, with an educational component, for training slaves. As I explained in my Bio Section, this slave completed her training when she posted Lesson 14 on this site. (The pics, are in my Krissy the Woman Album and the video, called “Feel Like A Woman” is my Private Dancer Album). Lady Jenny is concentrating currently on Her new chastity projects and re-doing several of Her sites. So Her Exobelt Girl and Mascot wanted to provide Her a place promote Her products and use as a web presence while She is busy with these projects.

In the meantime, Goddess Nikki Ashton has decided to assume control and administer the instruction necessary for my Graduate Studies. To continue my education, and to finally take control of me, She plans on training me as Her personal slut, largely because She enjoys witnessing the lengths sluts will go to please Her. Therefore, it is certain that some of my education will become quite adventurous. To publically exhibit my dedication to this Goddess, this sissy has offered, as a gift and tribute, this space to Goddess do with as She pleases. To promote Her websites, Her clips 4 Sale, or just Herself. Perhpas to humiliate this sissy or whatever is in Her best Interest.

But there are many, many different ways to be feminine, as thisl ittle tart, herself, demonstrates. And on these pages, hopefully, we will all get a chance to get to know others whose experiences or life-style would be of interest here.

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